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Meridian storage bookcase and cupboards in multiple colours with knick-knacks. Meeting table with chairs in front.

Storage & Lockers

The obvious benefit of storage and lockers is keeping the workspace tidy and organized, while stashing personal belongings out of sight. The less obvious benefit is that storage and lockers can add depth and definition to your space. Our extensive lineup offers limitless options for finishes, sizes and configurations.

Herman Miller's modular storage solutions allow your creativity full expression. Superb quality combined with maximum flexibility mean that your Herman Miller storage will become a beautiful feature of your space. 

Whether it is lockers or personal storage towers, bookcases or credenzas, Knoll has the full range of storage solutions to create an organized and inviting workspace.

KI offers ruggedly constructed storage solutions that cover the range of requirements - from storage towers, to overhead bins, cubbies and pedestals.

Kimball's diverse storage collection has options for all workspace styles, whether traditional or starkly modern. 

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