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With over 25 years' experience in the furniture world, Raven Studio has the expertise to assist you with any project, whether you work in the  corporate sector, the healthcare industry, in education or interior construction.

Eames lounge chair and ottoman in mohair with Eames wire base low table next to a Lispenard sofa with Nelson thin edge dresser behind it.
Line-up of Mirra 2 task chairs at a long bar with planter boxes as a half-wall around the bar

Corporate Workspaces

We believe that improving people's experience at work is fundamental to an organization's success.  We love helping clients fulfil their vision, empowering their teams to do their best work by getting the most out of their space. We look forward to helping you on your next corporate project!

To understand more about our design philosophy, please visit our Design page.

Healthcare Environments

Raven Studio has deep experience in designing, supplying and installing healthcare furniture for the largest acute-care and mental health hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in Ontario. From mental health settings, to emergency departments, exam rooms, laboratories and administrative areas, we look forward to applying our expertise to your next healthcare project. 

To see a sample of the healthcare furniture that we offer, please visit our healthcare products page.

Healthcare laboratory with Co-struc locker and drawers, Mora cabinets, Action Office shelving and a Verus task stool.
Library reading area with colourful MyPlace lounge furniture arranged in a serpentine shape, an L-shape sofa and lounge chairs

Educational Institutions

Our experience in the educational market spans secondary and post-secondary institutions across southwestern Ontario. We have access to an enormous range of education-specific furniture designed for hard-use student spaces through to high-end executive suites. 

Interior Construction

Falkbuilt interior construction is the modern replacement for traditional drywall and millwork. Falkbuilt off-site prefab construction offers faster lead-times, quicker installation, and almost no waste on-site, plus beautiful design options.  Falkbuilt is a serious contender for any interior wall project.

Solid Falkbuilt wall delimiting a hall in a legal office. Wall has an embedded piece of art and a few shelves for knick-knacks.
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