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Waiting area delineated with Falkbuilt solid walls on one side and glass on the other

Space Division

Dividing a space is fundamental to design. The question is whether the division should be permanent or movable - either way, we can help you achieve your vision.

Replacing traditional interior wall construction, Falkbuilt solid and glass walls are manufactured in an off-site factory and shipped to site for installation. The process is completely aligned with the traditional construction process on-site, but takes about 25% of the time. All components are manufactured using technology-enabled methods, ensuring accuracy and precision of all components. Endless options exist for finishes, design and millwork.

The Rockwell Unscripted line allows you to create space divisions using a wide range of components for maximum effect. Soft dividers provide visual barriers, sub-architectural walls and ceilings give more pronounced divisions.

Obeya is a soft architectural system that allows you to configure the space divisions that you need, with beautiful, artistic finishes. The result is flexible, adaptable and enhances the atmosphere of the workspace.

Curved, straight and moveable partitions for soft space divisions. Sub-architectural walls for more solid space divisions. Herman Miller offers many options for sub-dividing space to achieve your vision for your space.

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