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Boardroom table with six Cosm meeting chairs and cactus in the corner. Nelson thin-edge credenza along the wall.
Raven's Kitchener Studio with Tuxedo sofa, Framery meeting pod, barisol ceiling treatment and Eames House Bird

Our team is obsessed with helping our clients to harness the power of their space, transforming how their people feel and work.

We are enablers of great work environments 

(not simply purveyors of superb furniture).

Putting our obsession into practice takes a company with a slightly different attitude...

Ravens are opinionated and passionate about their work.

Each one of us contributes our expertise and creativity.

Debate and discussion are all in a day's work.

Collaboration among sales, design, installation and logistics is the norm.

We are a flat organization with a forward-looking culture.
Small meeting room with red Setu meeting chairs and skis hanging on the wall
Casual seating area with two Striad lounge chairs and a low Eames coffee table

We embrace change. We get a kick out of trying things on a small scale, learning, modifying, expanding or cancelling.


"Let's give it a try," is a common phrase at Raven Studio.


We know that not everything will work out and we also know that only by trying new things will we discover a better way.

Our openness to new ideas is what gives our team 

A design-first mind-set.  

We believe that the purpose of our clients' projects is to create spaces that enhance people's experience at work.

Raven Studio's team takes an inquisitive and collaborative approach to every project - no cookie-cutter solutions here!

Two Colorform sofas, one grey, one blue with Grasshopper lamp and coffee table
One person workspace with three blue walls and open ceiling. Nelson swag leg chair and desk with pink pendant lamp above.

Keeping abreast of the most innovative brands is the spirited interest of our team.

We don't need a corporate policy to make it happen.

We love furniture and are passionate about design. We source new brands that meet the needs of our changing times and are excited to share our discoveries with our partners.

The Raven is an intriguing bird. Smart, logical, curious, playful and mischievous. Bold. A problem-solver.


Ravens have been known to slide down snow banks on their backs, just like kids enjoying a run on a toboggan. They have also been seen throwing walnuts under passing cars – letting the vehicles do the tough work of cracking open the shells.

As you get to know the team at Raven Studio, you will get to see our “inner Ravens”...

Like the one who creates photo-realistic paintings. Or the improv artist. Or the nationally-renowned DJ. Or the record-setting power-lifter. Or the Chef. Or the volley-ball coach. Or the palm tree horticulturalist. Or...

Close-up detail of a Raven's feathered wing
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