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Story bookcase stacked with books and Cosm task chair at a desk


Accessories help bring a space to life. Whether it is beautiful vases or art objects, or something more practical like monitor arms and white boards, accessories make the space truly livable.

Focused on excellent workplace ergonomics, Herman Miller's accessories provide technology support, power access, proper lighting and paper management. 

Knoll's accessories provide technology support, power supply, collaboration tools and lighting solutions.

Design Within Reach provides accessories to make your workspace or home beautiful, from art works to linens, lighting, textiles and rugs.

Egan Visual's raison d'etre is to provide surfaces for collaboration - white boards, glass boards, tack boards, mobile boards and table screens. Everything your team needs to communicate their ideas.

Vases, baskets, trays, candles, pillows, mirrors and more - Hay has all the items you need to create a welcoming environment at an affordable price.

Magis' accessories collection simply oozes creativity, with even the most practical items featuring an artistic twist.

Muuto's fun accessories include rugs, coat hooks and odd-ball vases. If you're looking to add some eccentric dazzle to your space, Muuto has you covered.

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