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Framery Q four-person meeting pod in glossy white with dark grey interior

Meeting Pods

Meeting pods solve the acoustical challenge of the open office. With pods able to accommodate one person or as many as eight, sound-proof booths provide complete acoustical privacy, even in the midst of a bustling office.

Framery wrote the book on acoustically-private meeting pods. Offering single-person phone booths, work pods for video calls and heads-down work, and technology-enabled meeting rooms that can accommodate up to eight people, Framery has the quality and range of products to help you meet the acoustical challenges of the open office.

Knoll's Silent-Silo is a small footprint phone booth that features acoustical dampening inside and out. The exterior can be clad in felt, to provide sound attenuation to its surroundings, while giving the user a sense of acoustical privacy inside. 

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