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Workspace Design

Our designs are based on the belief that improving people's experience at work is fundamental to an organization's success.


This philosophy is called the Living Office.

Layout Studio conference table with 10 olive green Zeph task chairs. Striad lounge seating and Bevel sofa in the background

Understanding How
People Work

A thought-leader in commercial office design since the 1960’s, Herman Miller’s global research into how people work, led to the creation of Living Office. 


Fueled by a series of highly engaging client workshops, proprietary technology and objective design criteria, Living Office is a rigorous design methodology for generating a high-performing workspace.

Creating a Living Office

Raven Studio works in partnership with your architects and designers to develop a space plan that embodies the results of your Living Office workshops.


 Your Living Office will reflect your organization's unique character, supporting your people's unique needs.


No two Living Offices will be alike because no two organizations are the same.

Quarter-circle Chadwick sofa with a round Eames table and two Eames molded plywood chairs. Nelson bubble lamps hanging from the ceiling.
Six Everywhere tables on casters arranged as a single table with six navy blue and white Sayl chairs. Whiteboards and tackboards on the walls.

Change Management

With Living Office, there is an overt recognition that the office is no longer the only place where work happens.


Mobile technology and the post-pandemic shift in work mean that the office is now the place where camaraderie and collaboration happen.

Team involvement in the Living Office workshops is an important part of change management. As workspaces evolve post-pandemic, individuals' involvement in the creation of their workspace is particularly meaningful.

Workspace as
Cultural Hub

Living Office reinforces the role of the workplace as an essential tool for helping organizations succeed.


The workplace is where an organization expresses its culture and provides people with meaningful connections to their work and their colleagues.

Work table with Eames molded plastic task chairs and Bevel sofa in background. Nelson bubble pendant lights.
Work table surrounded by six Cosm chairs in glacier colour

Empowering Your Team

A Living Office means moving away from thinking of space as pure cost and toward an understanding that it can be a powerful asset for expressing your mission, and enabling the idea-generation and collaboration that will move your organization forward.

Enabling Human Connections

A Living Office promotes interaction among people,  unleashing your team's potential. 


When people enjoy their workspace and feel that their needs are being met, they are in a position to do their best work.

Wilkes modular sofa in olive green with Bernard lounge chairs and Nelson pedestal table. Framery booth and Alexander Girard textiles in the backgorund
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