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Office with bench-style desk and three red chairs per side. Two comfy seats with coffee table. White boards and tackboards on the wall.
Lunch room with Eames molded plastic chairs and red bookshelf on the wall

A design mind-set that puts people first.

High quality furniture that people enjoy using.

An understanding that the details are not the details - they make the design.

This is more than just office planning.
This is Workspace Reinvented.

Raven Bird Only_edited.jpg

Our company, just like yours, is made up of amazing people. And we know that when people get together in a space that supports their work, they can make magic happen.

We would love to help you and your people make that magic happen, too.

Communal space with Eames molded plastic chairs, long bar with stools and coffee service
Common space with round tables and black chairs and meetings rooms in the background

Reinventing a workspace means understanding that every organization has unique values and culture.

The people who work there are individuals who do their best work when they are supported.

Reinventing a workspace means creating a physical environment that mirrors an organization's strategy and helps in achieving its goals.

Reinventing a workspace involves recognizing that a single design 'style' will not suit every company (and probably won't suit any). 

Charles Eames

"The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the design problem." 

Atrium lobby of an office with molded plywood chairs, Spun chairs and a wall of plants

Workspace Reinvented

Harnessing the power of space to transform how people feel and work.

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