Living Office FAQ for Architects & Designers

Raven Studio

Living Office for Architects and Designers

How does Raven Studio work with Architects and Designers?

We endeavour to integrate with the overall project team.  Our preference is to co-develop the bubble plan, including where interior walls should be located. From there, the A&D team locks down the block plan and we work on the furniture details within that block plan.  Throughout the design process, Raven Studio works with our A&D partners, to ensure that major decisions are consistent with the Living Office principles developed with the client and their consultants.

Are you taking away billable hours from Architects and Designers?

In our experience, no.  In fact, on most Living Office engagements that we have done, the A&D element of the project has expanded compared to what it would have been under traditional design.  Our theory is that Living Office helps clients understand that superior design is well worth the effort and investment.

We predict that the more Living Offices that exist, the more demand there will be for transformative workplace design and the firms that deliver these services.

Living Office reinforces the role of the workplace as an essential tool for helping organizations succeed. We are not detracting from A&D role, or taking on an A&D role, but are adding a new and critical dimension to the design process.

When should Raven Studio become involved with a project?

Ideally, we should be involved before site selection.  We have proprietary software that is excellent for determining a client’s space requirements now and in the future.  We have saved some of our clients from making costly mistakes by analyzing their space requirements before real estate commitments were made.

The more time available for a Living Office engagement, the better the result for the client, so getting started early is preferred.

Who pays for the Living Office engagement – A&D or the client?
We are flexible in this regard, but it has typically been the client who pays for the engagement.
Would you consider partnering with A&D to win a client opportunity?
Absolutely! We believe that Living Office is a huge differentiator in the market for the right type of client, and presenting it as part of your own offering may make all the difference.  We are happy to contribute to proposals to help you win these engagements.