Living Office FAQ for Clients

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Living Office for Clients

How much does a Living Office design engagement cost?

The cost of a Living Office engagement depends on the size of the space being planned.  You can figure on $0.50 – $1.00 per square foot for the Living Office design.

Beyond the cost of the engagement itself, is the question – what is the value of a good office design? What is it worth to have a space that meets your team’s needs and reflects your organization’s character and values?  In our experience, a good Living Office design more than pays for itself in terms of the improvement in the energy and morale of the organization, and the enthusiasm of the people who live there.

What is the cost of living and working in a space that is not well designed?  We believe that poor design is very expensive in terms of lost productivity, low energy levels and loss of camaraderie.

How long does a Living Office engagement take?

The length of the engagement depends on how quickly you can assemble team members for workshops and how quickly you make decisions.  Nonetheless, you can assume that you will be adding six weeks to your overall project timeline.

If I want to buy my office furniture from Raven Studio, do I have to go through the Living Office process?

No, you do not.  You may already have a furniture plan and we can provide the furniture to fulfil it.  Or we can design a traditional office plan and provide you with the furniture for that as well.

Why does Raven Studio offer Living Office as an alternative to traditional office design?

We believe that Living Office is the best way to support your team in the work that they do, so that they can support your company in reaching its goals.  Living Office workplaces are designed to satisfy fundamental human needs, and to express the purpose, character and activities of your organization. Your employees are the foundation and cornerstone of your company.  Attracting and retaining the best people is at the heart of the Living Office design philosophy.

If my company decides to go ahead with a Living Office engagement, will we have to buy our furniture from Raven Studio?

No, you do not.  At the end of the Living Office engagement, you will have a block plan and furniture concepts that you can use to have furniture specified anywhere.

But of course, we hope to sell you the furniture to fulfil your Living Office design! By the time the engagement is at a close, we will have a deep understanding of your organization and the people who work there, making us uniquely qualified to help in the specification and selection of furniture.

Will staff notice a difference between a traditional design and a Living Office design?

It has been our experience that our clients notice a remarkable difference in their workplace once their Living Office has become a reality.  A Living Office is intended to fulfil fundamental human needs. Traditional design does not have this as an objective. When done well, a Living Office is a place where people want to be and where they can do their best work.

Nowadays, we can work anywhere, but as employers, we hope that people will want to come to the office for the experience of collaboration, camaraderie and company culture that cannot be had elsewhere.  Living Office provides a human-centered workplace through a diversity of furniture settings that support a variety of styles of work.

To save time and money, can I just take someone else’s Living Office and use it for my company’s space?

No. Every organization is unique in its character and goals and in the people who work there.  And since Living Office is grounded in these unique attributes, the Living Office that one company develops will be nothing like the Living Office for your organization.  If budgets and project timelines are very tight, then a traditional office design may a better option for your company.

If I hire Raven Studio to design my Living Office, do I also need a commercial interior designer or an architect?

Generally, yes – we prefer to work on a team together with commercial interior designers and architects.  Living Office gets you a space plan and furniture layout, but does not address architectural and interior design concerns such as permits, building code issues, flooring, lighting, etc.

Who else provides similar services to Living Office?

We see marketing of similar concepts, and while the terminology may be similar, we believe that there are important missing ingredients.  Here are two.  They do not have workshops that include staff in the project in any meaningful way.  They are lacking an overall framework for determining objective design criteria – as a client, how will you know that the design is good or not?