Creating Your Living Office

Creating your own Living Office is an exhilarating process.  One of discovering more about your own organization.  Of wrestling with the inherent conflicts of living in a shared space.  Of co-creating a space that loudly proclaims your purpose to everyone coming through your doors.

But how exactly is it done?

At a high level, there are only four things to be done.

  1. Determine how people in your organization work and how they would like to work in future.
  2. Identify the gaps between how people would like to work and how well your current space supports them.
  3. Work the design to close those gaps.
  4. The gaps become the objective criteria against which the Living Office design is evaluated.

To do these four seemingly-simple things, we offer our Living Office Design Services.

Living Office Design Services

1: Workshop #1 – Living Office Discovery Experience

  • Build a collective view of your organization’s purpose, business priorities and character, as well as the key work activities that your workplace must enable.
  • Conducted as in-person workshops with a maximum of 15 participants (both staff and management) in each workshop. The number of workshops will depend upon the size of your organization.
  • Result: Discovery Experience Report summarizing and interpreting the workshop results. The content of this report becomes the foundation for all subsequent design work – it is the touchstone for the project.

2. Traditional Programming Data

  • Gather traditional design data such as critical adjacencies (who needs to work near whom), flow details, organizational charts and infrastructure metrics such as storage and technology requirements.
  • Result: Infrastructure Programming Data. This information is a critical input to design.

3. Workshop #2 – Settings Exploration – Living Office Programming Data

  • Exploration of Living Office Settings (furniture arrangements) on an individual, departmental, and holistic level.
    Conducted as in-person workshops with the same participants as Workshop #1.
  • Result: Living Office Programming Data for Landscape Block Plan. This is data not normally collected in the traditional design process.

4. Space Allocation Modelling (SAM) Tool

  • The Living Office SAM Tool uses the data collected in the Workshops to recommend optimal square footage and number of each setting. Different scenarios can be explored, including the impact of staff growth.
  • Result: SAM report.

5. Design Charrettes, Basic Landscape Block Plans + Flows

  • Design charrettes are structured, collaborative brainstorming sessions with the Raven Studio design team. The result is block plans (high-level layouts) to evaluate how the space will accommodate your organization’s unique Living Office.
  • Result: Iterations result in a final layout for Landscape Block Plan + Flows.

From here, Raven Studio moves with you into furniture selection and specification, ordering and installation.

Attention to detail is critical at the furniture specification stage. How particular pieces of furniture contribute to (or detract from) the Living Office design is carefully considered by our design team. Issues of colour, texture, privacy and more are evaluated through the lens of Living Office to ensure that your furniture will make your Living Office a vibrant workplace.