Comparing Traditional Design to Living Office

At Raven Studio, we passionately believe in the power of space to transform people’s experience of work.  That is why we have embraced Living Office for ourselves in our own Studio and recommend it to many of our clients as well.

As you begin your own office renovation, you might wonder in what concrete ways Living Office differs from traditional office planning

Traditional space planning is expedient on many levels, and so, may be the best option for your office renovation.  It is the quickest and simplest way of getting to a final design.  Where time constraints are significant, it is likely the only option.  And where office space is not truly a strategically important asset, traditional planning will be the way to go.  Our design team at Raven Studio is very experienced in traditional office planning.

On the other hand, if you see your office space as a critical tool for achieving your company’s goals and you believe that a workspace can help your team thrive, then Living Office may the right option for you.

The chart below shows some key differences between the two design methods.  You can also read our FAQ’s for Living Office Clients.