Framery One

Meeting Pods

The world’s first connected, sound-proof pod. Stylish and super smart, Framery One incorporates the latest technology, sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics. You can look forward to a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions and can enjoy best-in-class design while you focus on your next project.

With height-adjustable seat and table, you can be sure to work in comfort, all the while enveloped in the pod’s impressive sound insulation.  Framery One integrates with your calendar system to book a slot easily, while the occupancy lights lets others know when the pod is free to use. Managing the booth is simple with its high resolution touch-screen.

Behind the scenes, the Framery Connect digital management system keeps the unit performing perfectly and alerts you to any potential operational issues. It shows usage data, sends automatic maintenance notifications, gives direct access to Framery for maintenance and provides a pod guarantee for your entire subscription period.