Facility Resources is now Raven Studio

After 18 years as Facility Resources, it was time to craft a name for our company that proclaims who we are.

The Raven is an intriguing bird.

Smart, logical, curious, playful and mischievous.

Bold. A problem-solver.

Ravens have been known to slide down snow banks on their backs, looking for all the world like kids enjoying a run on a toboggan. They have been seen deliberately throwing walnuts under passing cars – letting the vehicles do the tough work of cracking open the shells.

The Raven is also a nod to our most important manufacturing partner, Herman Miller. The Eames House Bird may be one of the most famous Eames pieces, even though Ray and Charles Eames did not design it. As a decoration in their house, the Bird has become synonymous with these two design titans, and by extension, with Herman Miller.

As you get to know the team at Raven Studio, you will come to appreciate our “inner Ravens”.

Meet Our Team