Our Team


The Sales team at Raven Studio are alchemists.  As if by magic, they transform the seemingly mundane topic of office design and furniture into pure gold – helping our clients harness the transformative power of a workplace.


The Design team at Raven Studio is terrific at solving puzzles.  They pull pieces of information from all kinds of sources– clients, architects, designers, IT professionals, contractors, installers, brand details, furniture styles and more – and arrange them into inspiring designs.


Raven Studio’s Operations team are master orchestrators.  Working behind the scenes, the team co-ordinates the multitude of practical elements for a project, creating harmony like a finely tuned orchestra.  Maestro!


Raven Studio’s in-house Installation team are go-getters in every regard. They are furniture zealots – fanatical about installing furniture to their excruciatingly lofty standards.  Not only that, they get fired up about helping clients.  Polished, engaging and resourceful – that is the Raven Studio installation crew.


Raven Studio’s Leadership team did not grow up in the furniture industry – which is great, because it means that they bring a unique perspective to the business. One that is motivated by challenging the status quo. “That’s just the way it is” is an action call for this team to try something new. These two love working together and find that running a business is nowhere near as hard as sailing a small boat through North Atlantic gales (something they have also done together).