Our Studio

It's not just a studio, it's our Living Office too

Our Studio in London, Ontario is much more than a showcase of beautiful, high-quality office furniture and gorgeous home furnishings (although it is that, too).  It is our Living Office.

Our Living Office

Our Living Office is a workspace that we designed, planned and installed to support our team in their work. A place that reflects our company’s strategy and helps us in achieving it. An environment that both nurtures and inspires a vibrant culture.

It is a Workspace Reinvented, offering a variety of settings for work.

Instead of traditional conference rooms, people can choose to meet in any of the open and closed spaces, depending on the size of the meeting and need for privacy.

We designed the space to promote accidental meetings between team members, encouraging the kind of interactions that generate ideas.

There is no “lunch room”. We have a plaza in the centre of the building that acts as lunch room, coffee break hang-out, casual meeting space, and party room. It is the heart of the office.

While some members of our team have assigned seats, there is no requirement to work in any particular place. Work can happen wherever inspiration strikes.

Can’t make it in to see our incredible workspace in London? Signify Design has you covered with a quick gallery showcasing our Living Office.

Featured Products

Our Studio is not a showroom in that our complete line of products is not on display (it couldn’t be – there are just too many pieces).

Rather than a static showroom, our Studio is an example of a Living Office (your Living Office will be different from ours).

The products that we have are a gorgeous mix of office furniture and home furnishings, curated to make our Living Office a reality. It is a vignette of Herman Miller furniture, meant to inspire you in the creation of your own space.

When you visit us, you will experience what Raven Studio is. Bold and curious. Resourceful and inspiring. Polished and engaging. All in a Workspace Reinvented.

Ergonomically designed task chairs for work or the home office:

Ergonomic office furniture:

Office desks/Open plan workstations:

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