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Home Furnishings

Can I buy office furniture from Raven Studio for my home office?
Yes, you can. Herman Miller chairs are an especially popular item for the home office, as are height-adjustable tables.  And of course, we can provide you with the full line of Herman Miller Classics for your home, including Eames furniture, the Nelson Bench, the Marshmallow Sofa and more.  Our prices are very competitive to what you will find at retail outlets.
How can I order a Herman Miller office chair, like the Aeron or the Embody?
Simply contact us and we can provide you with chair options and pricing for Herman Miller office chairs.
Can I buy Herman Miller Classics for my home from Raven Studio – like the Eames Lounge Chair or the Noguchi table?
Yes, you can. You can access all of Herman Miller’s furniture through us, including the full line of Herman Miller Classics.  Our prices are very competitive to what you will find at retail outlets.
Does Raven Studio have a showroom where I can see all the furniture I would like to buy?
We do not have a traditional showroom display featuring all of the products that are available from our manufacturers – there are just too many!  Our Studio furniture is a curated collection of pieces from Herman Miller and other manufacturers that we use in our work every day.  You can see a list of the items that we have in our Studio here.  If you would like to come to our Studio for inspiration for your project, please contact us to arrange a visit.
Does Raven Studio carry furniture in stock?
All furniture is custom-ordered for your project, meaning that we do not carry an inventory of furniture.

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What is the warranty on Herman Miller furniture?

Herman Miller furniture is backed by a 12-year, 24 hour/day warranty, including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts and all moving mechanisms.  The warranty covers the cost of parts and labour.  Herman Miller’s full warranty can be found on the Herman Miller policies page.

Raven Studio can assist you with warranty claims for all Herman Miller products, regardless of where you originally purchased them. Contact us to make a claim.

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Commercial Office Projects

I need furniture for my office - where do I start?
The best place to start is by talking to us.  Contact us and we can set up an appointment to discuss your project.
Do I need a designer?

Do I need a designer? At Raven Studio, we have a team of experienced designers on staff to help you with your furniture layouts. If your project is beyond furniture neds, we can introduce you to trusted Architects and Interior Design partners. 

Do I need a plan or a drawing?
If you have a plan or drawing, we would certainly like to see it.  But if you do not, we can help create one for you.  In either case, your project will more than likely require a drawing or a plan.
When should I get Raven Studio involved with my project?

The best is to involve us as early as possible, even before you select your new space.  We have saved many clients from moving into spaces that would not have supported their long-term growth.  While most people think of furniture as the thing to put in their building, we think of a building as the thing you put around your furniture.  Establishing up-front what your organization and employees’ furniture requirements are can be very useful in helping decide on a space that is suitable.

Can you help me figure out how much space I will need for my office?
We have proprietary software from Herman Miller that we use for determining how much space you will need for your organization.  We also have a library of floorplans that we can use to help you benchmark against other organizations of comparable size.  Contact us so that we can help you establish this critical piece of information.
How do I go about buying furniture from you?
The first thing we will do with you is to establish a high-level, conceptual furniture plan. Based on this plan, we will work together to select specific furniture for your space, provide pricing and help you choose finishes for the furniture. At this stage, we will be ready to order your furniture from the manufacturer. Four to six weeks later (depending on manufacturing times), we will have the furniture delivered to you and will install it for you. The length of time needed for the steps in this process is dependent upon the complexity of your project, the speed of decision-making, etc. Client involvement has a significant effect on the overall timeline of a project.
How long will it take to get my furniture?
From the time that you place an order for your furniture, you can figure on 4-6 weeks to receive your furniture.  Some manufacturers are much quicker in their delivery times, but the majority take 4-6 weeks.
How much should I budget for my office furniture?
Office furniture budgets are extremely variable.  They depend on many factors, including your employees’ needs, your aesthetic preferences, how quickly your project needs to be completed, etc.  In our experience, full office furniture fit-outs run between $2,000 and $8,000 per employee.  This price range covers all the furniture for your project, including workstations, office chairs, lounge furniture, installation, etc.
Do you provide leasing?

Yes! Raven Studio’s leasing partner, RCAP, offers leasing services focused specifically on office fit-outs. Often, more than the furniture can be leased through RCAP, including flooring, lighting and other assets critical to the project.  Leasing is an ideal way to match the costs of these assets to your lease term, easing the cash flow for your commercial office renovation.

Can Raven Studio take care of all of the requirements for a good meeting room – furniture, technology, etc.?
In partnership with Audability, an audio-visual integrator, Raven Studio can provide integrated meeting room designs for high-performing meeting rooms.  Our designs take into consideration numbers of users, ergonomics, layout, acoustics, furniture and technology.
What furniture manufacturers’ products does Raven Studio supply?
 Our main furniture manufacturing partner is Herman Miller.  We are the exclusive Authorized Dealer for Herman Miller in London, Ontario.  Through Herman Miller, we also have access to other significant Herman Miller-owned or -affiliated manufacturers, including Geiger, Maharam, Magis, Mattiazzi, Nemschoff and others.  In addition, Raven Studio represents a substantial number of other North American manufacturers, giving you access to a vast amount of furniture options.  You can read about our manufacturing partners here.
Does Raven Studio have used furniture available?
Although used furniture is not our focus, we sometimes have a small supply of used furniture available.  Please contact us to find out what we have on hand now.

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What services does Raven Studio offer?
Raven Studio is a full-service office and healthcare furnishings business.  We handle the full scope of your workplace project, from space planning and office design, to furniture supply and installation, ergonomics and sound masking.  Our services are described in more detail here.
What is Living Office?
Living Office is all about creating a work space that supports your people so they can do their best work, in turn helping your organization achieve its goals.  It is a design framework based on decades of research into how people work.  Using Herman Miller’s proprietary methodology, technology and workshops, Raven Studio will guide you and your team through a design process to create your Living Office – an exhilarating experience resulting in a vibrant work space for your team.  You can read more about Living Office here.
Does Raven Studio charge for design services?
Generally, no, when you are buying new furniture from us.  Reconfigurations of existing office furniture and Living Office consulting engagements do incur design fees.
I'm a designer. Does Raven Studio have an affiliate program?

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Are sit-to-stand desks just a fad? Are they worth the investment?

More and more of Raven Studio’s clients are investing in sit-to-stand desks.  We do not see this as a fad – people are coming to understand the importance of including more movement in their work day.  Making the company-wide effort to instill the new habit of alternating between sitting and standing is the way to reap the greatest reward from this furniture. See our full line of Sit-to-Stand desks.


Can Raven Studio help me with ergonomics in my office?
Yes, we can!  Everything that we do, we consider through the lens of ergonomics.  And through Herman Miller, we have access to certified ergonomists who are available to assist on projects as well. See our full line of ergonomic products.

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Delivery and Installation

I need to furnish an office space fast! Can Raven Studio handle a large project with quick turnaround times?

Yes, we can!  We can supply a select line of furniture on very short notice – 1-2 weeks, instead of the more common 4-6 weeks in the furniture industry.


Does Raven Studio deliver and install furniture?
Yes, we do.  We have our own in-house installation team that handles our installation projects.  Their attention to detail, love of furniture and enjoyment of clients is second to none.  You can read more about our installation team here.

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Brochures and Samples

Where can I get brochures or catalogues of the products that Raven Studio sells?

Brochures for many of the products we sell are available through our Products pages.  There are many more brochures and catalogues available, so please contact us to request anything that you do not see on our site.


Does Raven Studio provide free fabric samples?

Raven Studio

Getting in Touch

Where is Raven Studio located?
In London, we are located in the Hyde Park area at 1535 North Routledge Park.  Our Kitchener location is coming soon.
Do I need to make an appointment to visit the Studio?
It is best to make an appointment for a visit so that we can properly welcome you to our Studio.  Please contact us to make an appointment.