About Raven Studio

What we believe.

A design mind-set that puts people first. High-quality furniture that people enjoy using. An understanding that the details are not the details – they make the design.

This is more than just office planning.

This is Workspace Reinvented.

Our company, just like yours, is made up of amazing people. And we know that when people get together in a space that supports their work, they can make magic happen.

We would love to help you and your people make that magic happen, too.

Reinventing a workspace means understanding that every organization has unique values and culture; that the people who work there are individuals who do their best work when they are supported.

Reinventing a workspace means creating a physical environment that mirrors an organization’s strategy and helps in achieving its goals.

Reinventing a workspace means recognizing that a single design “style” will not suit every company (and probably won’t suit any). As the designer Charles Eames said, “The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the design problem.”

Workspace reinvented: Harnessing the power of space to transform how people feel and work.

What We Do

As an Authorized Herman Miller Dealer, we provide superb corporate, healthcare and residential furniture to clients throughout southwestern Ontario, from Windsor to London, Kitchener to Brantford.

Complementing our offering from Herman Miller is a vast array of furniture from other leading manufacturers.

Our full spectrum of services such as Living Office consulting, space planning, design, furnishing, delivery and installation, mean that our team is ready to tackle the full scope of your Workspace Reinvention.

Why We Are Called 'Raven Studio'

After 18 years as Facility Resources, it was time to craft a name for our company that proclaims who we are.

The Raven is an intriguing bird. Smart, logical, curious, playful and mischievous. Bold. A problem-solver. Ravens have been known to slide down snow banks on their backs, looking for all the world like kids enjoying a run on a toboggan. They have also been seen deliberately throwing walnuts under passing cars – letting the vehicles do the tough work of cracking open the shells.

The Raven is a nod to our most important manufacturing partner, Herman Miller. The Eames House Bird may be one of the most famous Eames pieces, even though Ray and Charles Eames did not design it. As a decoration in their house, the Bird has become synonymous with these design power-houses, and by extension, with Herman Miller.

As you get to know the team at Raven Studio, you will get to see our “inner Ravens”.

Company History

We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are.
Max De Pree

former CEO of Herman Miller

Wise words from Max De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller, and words that resonated with Mitch and Sabina Dawson, now the owners of Raven Studio.

To become the business owners that they wanted to be, meant no longer remaining on the predictable career paths that they had been on.

But what kind of business?

When they found Raven Studio in 2012, they knew it was the right company to buy.  A team of dynamic, talented and dedicated people. Connection to the local community.  Making a tangible difference to people’s lives by creating good workspaces. High quality furniture that they would be proud to represent.

With a legacy extending back to 1999, Facility Resources, as it was known then, had developed a profound expertise in healthcare design and furniture.  Major hospital renovations such as Bluewater Health in Sarnia and the Parkwood Institute for Mental Health in London were the company’s bread and butter.

By 2015, the business needed to become something more – it needed to expand its horizons beyond healthcare and into commercial office design.

The company made the leap into the corporate sector using the Living Office platform – a far-reaching framework for designing people-centric spaces that reflect a company’s strategic imperatives.  GoodLife Fitness’ Home Office and Voices.com space in downtown London are proof of the power of the Living Office framework to deliver an elevated experience of work.

Raven Studio will continue to change as we expand and refine what we want to become – always with a view to finding new ways to create spaces that support people in the work that they do.

Company Timeline

  • 1999

    Founder establishes Facility Resources out of his house


  • 2000

    Begin working with St. Joseph’s Health Care London on redevelopment


  • 2001

    Beginning of Bluewater Health redevelopment


  • 2003

    Beginning of the London Health Sciences redevelopment project


  • 2005

    Beginning of the Hamilton Health Sciences redevelopment


  • 2012

    Facility Resources acquired by Mitch and Sabina Dawson


  • 2012

    Start work on Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health new construction


  • 2013

    Furnish McKenzie Lake Lawyers new space in downtown London


  • 2014

    Furnish Parkwood Institute for Mental Health in London


  • 2014

    Furnish Waypoint Centre for Forensic Mental Health in Penetanguishene


  • 2014

    Furnish Sysco Foods’ new building in Woodstock


  • 2015

    Furnish CarProof’s new office in downtown London and Mastronardi Produce’s new building in Leamington. Begin rolling out the Living Office framework to corporate clients


  • 2016

    Living Office consulting engagements with GoodLife Fitness and Voices.com + furnishing their new spaces


  • 2017

    Launch the brand – Raven Studio. Renovation of our studio on Living Office principles


  • 2017

    Expand to a second location in Kitchener to serve Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford, Cambridge and Guelph